The truth about the UK’s pro-Israel lobbies

Mira Bar Hillel, Monday 1 September 2014 Why did our government ignore the slaughter in Gaza, and continue to sell arms to Israel? The answer lies in two of Britain’s influential pressure groups… Continue reading

Adolphe Nèg La – Sionisme

9/11: A Conspiracy Theory

Everything you ever wanted to know about the 9/11 conspiracy theory in under 5 minutes. (Watch French, German, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew or Portuguese translations of this video.) TRANSCRIPT: On the morning of September… Continue reading

Quand Yannick Noah parle de son ami, Dieudonné (Audrey Pulvar violée par des sionistes)

Carrefour prit en flagrant délit de ré-étiquetage de produits israéliens

Aucun scrupule ! Le groupe Carrefour subit depuis plusieurs semaines dans toute l’Europe les assauts de militants pro-palestiniens qui tentent d’empêcher la commercialisation des produits issus de l’industrie du gouvernement criminel israélien. Mais… Continue reading

A partir de este sábado, Bolivia pedirá visa a israelíes; es una medida restrictiva contra el “terrorismo”, dice Morales

Juan Evo Morales Ayma La Paz, 30 Ago (Notimex). Las autoridades bolivianas comenzaron a exigir hoy el requisito de visa para los ciudadanos israelíes interesados en ingresar a esta nación sudamericana, una medida… Continue reading

George Galloway ‘badly bruised’ in street attack

Controversial Respect MP George Galloway was badly bruised after he was attacked in the street tonight, his spokesman said. Respect MP George Galloway Mr Galloway was posing for pictures with people in Notting… Continue reading

Israelis on Facebook wish death for Holocaust survivors against ‘Protective Edge’

Nope, it’s not The Onion. A few days ago some 300 Holocaust survivors placed an ad in the New York Times condemning the massacre in Gaza. My colleague from Local Call, John Brown,… Continue reading

James Foley Beheading Hoax – British Accent Beheader, Picture Falls Off Wall, Siblings Laughing

Austria criticizes Israel over attacks in Gaza

‘Each criticism Israel receives is not anti-semitism,’ said Fischer [Pictured above] during his speech at the European Forum at Alpbach in the Tyrol state in Western Austria on Monday. Austrian President Heinz Fischer… Continue reading

  • 'In other "Justice for Trayvon" news: KKK's Ashlyne Rogers viciously head-butted the bat of Obama's son, Corey Mosley.' - Russell Lindquist
  • '"There's never an excuse to hit a woman!" Okay... So what should the man in China do to the woman who stabbed his child (Xiao Bao)... 90 times?' - Russell Lindquist
  • 'How do I feel about Robin Williams? Well, for me, it's a little bit like... when Paul Walker died; I couldn't give a fuck.' - RH Marcus
  • 'Nothing is more anti-semitic than Zionism.' - Kareem Dennis
  • Australia has a black history.
  • Zionism uses Jews as human shields.
  • US creates ISIS and then bombs it.